Disquieting Quietude

Even amongst aretic thinkers as divergent as the Stoics and Epicureans, the linchpin to their philosophies is the pursuit of happiness. Where they differ is what happiness is, and hence the phronetic comportment to its achievement. Each in turn will speak to the virtues of the good life and their appropriation. Not at all unlike … More Disquieting Quietude

Not for Reason’s Sake!

*This was first published in Philosophical Confessions, but seems more apropos to this new blog. So here I am attending to Epictetus’s Enchiridion and Nietzsche’s The Twilight of the Idols. Strangely I find solace in both these authors despite the contrariety of their underlying philosophies. Happiness, said Socrates, is the end of all human activity; no one … More Not for Reason’s Sake!

Despair Not For You Are What You Think

  Epictetus’s Enchiridion This is probably the most widely quoted passage from Epictetus’s Enchiridion, but it is also of central philosophical importance. Indeed, there is an obvious allure to it, for it makes good sense to let go of what is beyond your control. It’s totally senseless to allow yourself to suffer over what simply cannot … More Despair Not For You Are What You Think

Epictetus – You Talkin About Me?!!

I begin my introduction to Epictetus with a little insightful humour! What better way to challenge the value-laden perspective that philosophical inquiry is heavy, jargon-loaded, inaccessible gibberish than to demonstrate the contrary! Be gone Aristophanes!!! In his Enchiridion, Epictetus says: “If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make … More Epictetus – You Talkin About Me?!!


Writing is a bit like sailing. There are days that you’re coasting, the waters are calm and uneventful, but the life underneath appears as miracles do. Other times winds conjure travesty and all is now opaque, yet scandalously alive! Sometimes it feels like a rite of passage, as if, oh faithless one gather your tears, … More Eunoia